Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How to tell if they like you:

Figuring this out can be challenging so here are some tips to tell if your crush likes you back:

- They smile / laugh a lot around you – you make them happy and they just can’t contain themselves
- They point their body towards you, leaning inwards in conversations – this sign shows they’re interested
- They ask lots of questions about you – this shows an obvious sign of interest in your personality, interests, lifestyle, etc.
- They find reasons to be near you or hang out with you
- They introduce you to their friends – meaning they want to hang out more and make sure you’re compatible with their friends. If anything, they want to show you off to their friends.
- They make deep and lasting eye contact – awww how cute is it when they get lost in your eyes. They like you!!!

Anything I’m missing?

~Sophia Sparx