Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do women like “cocky” men?

Sure we like confidence! A man who knows his worth is attractive to almost every woman. However, he crosses a line when he becomes arrogant. I’ve heard many men tell me that I want a man who knows what he wants, goes after it, and gets it. These same men tell me that this means that I want a “cocky” guy. Men – there is a difference between confidence and arrogance that means the difference between being seen as “masculine” and being seen as an “asshole”.

Let’s take a look at Mr. Confident and Mr. Arrogant:Mr. Confident understands that though he is good at something, there may be someone who is better. Therefore, he is constantly working to improve himself. Along the same lines, Mr. Confident is willing to recognize his mistakes. Conversely, Mr. Arrogant thinks that he is the best at something and therefore needs no improvement, never admitting a mistake. Mr. Confident displays secure behavior, never caring what others think, versus Mr. Arrogant who vies for attention and seems insecure - unattractive. Mr. Arrogant revels in the mistakes of others and seems heartless to women. Mr. Confident helps others correct their mistakes, seeming kind and compassionate to women.

Women actually find humility attractive. This doesn’t mean that women want a man who is meek and weak. We just want a guy who is human, who knows and accepts his flaws, and tries to better himself.

~Sophia Sparx

Women: What do you think of confident men? Cocky men?
Men: What do you think women want? Am I completely off base?


the1truecoolguy said...

Interesting post and I'm honored to be the first comment (I think?) on your blog! ;)

Well, if you read my entry then you know where I stand on Ms. Confident vs. Ms. Arrogant... it's all about perception.

"that means the difference between being seen as “masculine” and being seen as an “asshole”."

I'm not sure if being "masculine"/confident and being an asshole are mutually exclusive, but in any case, are you suggesting that girls don't like assholes? I suppose that's a whole entry in itself... :)

Bugz! said...

women want a guy who is in a way
stronger then them, someone who
can do everything they can't
or are afraid to do, to be there
no matter what....and how do I continue answering this without
getting too philosophical lol...