Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How to Write a sexy Email

1. Warm up your message. Start and end messages by making a personal connection. "Dear soandso..." and sign off with a bit of a flirtation... "Thinking of you" or "Passionately Yours..."

2. Try text tips
It can be hard to express your thoughts and feelings in writing - so take from the writing experts, quotes, or check out some romantic websites like:
St. Valentine's Love poems
Daily Love Poems

3. Sending romantic e-cards are also great all year round.

4. Crank up the heat
Increase anticipation with a few provocative suggestions. While you may not want to give all the hot details in e-mail, the mere mention of an event or an article of clothing can do the job.

5. Emoticons can be flirty so use them wisely ;)

6. Watch the email address you're sending to and respect that person's email - E-mail sent to company e-mail addresses may be monitored. So be discreet or stick with a personal e-mail account whenever you can.

Happy Emailing :)

~Sophia Sparx

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Anonymous said...

- Minimize all negativity, including your word choice and semantics. Whenever possible, eliminate words such as "no", "but", "don't", etc.

- Use verbs and words that are related to emotion, rather than logic. Instead of the word "think", replace it with the word "feel".

- Tease with the promise of surprise and unknown adventure. Mention vague and subtle details about a date planned, while avoiding any conclusive evidence about what and where the date will actually be.

- A Confident Man Who's In Demand