Friday, February 15, 2008

One Night Stands

Controversial topic here - what do you think of one night stands? Are there certain rules to be followed?

Even when extremely intoxicated, I think it's always a good idea to make sure it's something you both are on the same page about.

- No, you're not bf/gf and therefore this doesn't mean they have to call you back or you have to do anything either
- Make sure it's something you both want to do! Confirming your partner wants to go through with it is a must
- No open mouth / French kissing... That's generally reserved for intimate moments with someone special - but this rule is optional (some people go by it, some don't so it's up to you)
- Anything kinky? Clear it with your partner first
- Don't do it where you can get caught by people who know you. Unless this is a thrill you're seeking, this can create akward moments later.

Have you had a one night stand? How did it turn out? Share it here!

~Sophia Sparx


UltimateAdrianPeterson said...

The "no french kiss"....interesting.

D said...

Seriously, I wouldn't do it. I left a guy's place even though he was begging me and saying we didn't have to do anything, we could just kiss and he would sleep on the couch. It's just a bad idea becuase you never know what you're going to get. You don't know this person well enough to trust them. Do you really want to get an STD or do you have all of them already and it doesn't much matter to you?

Anonymous said...

Rules specifically for men:

- Clean up after yourself and put trash where it belongs. That is, no condoms or wrappers left around.
- A man should always bring and use his own condoms, never hers. You don't know how old the condom is. You don't know if the condom has been... altered. (You would never notice a pin hole...)
- Don't finish in a girl's mouth during a one night stand, unless she requests it.
- If you finished in the condom, tie it off and take it home with you. Just shove it in your pocket. Never let anyone have possession of your seed. EVER. There are extremely rare horror stories of a girl impregnating herself with the contents of a used condom after the act.

- A Confident Man Who's In Demand