Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Single? Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be depressing!

• Pamper yourself – with a gift or a special treat. You’re special so take the time to remind yourself!

• Go out with friends or other singles. Anti-Valentine’s parties are a lot of fun and you’re spending time with those you love anyways.

• Spend your time volunteering or babysitting. Helping people out will make you feel good and bring happiness to others, which gets shed back to you!

• Make a relationship plan – Figure out how you can improve your chances at a relationship (if you want one) you can try to have a better diet, attitude or physical appearance.

• Unless you’re in a group, avoid couple type places like restaurants, if you’re going to be alone.

• Finally, adopt a child in a third world country or a soldier and send them a Valentine’s day card  Make their day and let them love you back!

~Sophia Sparx

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