Monday, February 11, 2008

Texting Under the Influence

This also works for Emailing under the influence...

This urge comes upon all of us! You've just gone out with your friends and you feel like texting your ex. ERASE their contact info off your phone or email or block them. Shut down your computer / phone and keep busy with something else.

Messages for booty calls can be quite embarassing when you didn't mean them.

If you recieve a drunken text, read it, save it (for future evidence, don't mention it to anyone, and pretend you never got anything unless asked directly lol... Good back up to have but it's mean to rub it in their face as it could have easily been the other way around!

Guys/Gals? Have you texted or been texted? What happened?

~Sophia Sparx

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