Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Art of Picking Up

I just read this article on the art of picking up and thought I'd share and see your comments.

They ran an experiment with "attraction coaches" to see if their techniques worked? sooo did they?

Surprisingly, YES. Or maybe not so surprisingly. There were a couple of things they all were successful at. They even taught an average joe guy how to be a chick magnet within a few hours. Here are some of their tips:

- Be unapologetic for your desire as a man. Women like masculine men who have presence and to know who they are.

- Be well groomed and pay attention to the details. This also helps you gain some confidence which girls love.

- Your personality is the most powerful asset in creating attraction. Don't focus on what car you drive of job you have as they're not show stoppers as much as your sense of humour or caring nature.

- Give her sincere compliments on something other than her looks. She's probably used to getting that so tell her something unexpected.

- Focus on conversation on emotional topics, staying away from discussing facts. Facts can kill the mood where as emotional topics can lead to flirting and fun.

- Use humor and misinterpret everything she says as her hitting on you. Turning the tables on the girl confuses her and she is challenged.

- Learn to be physically playful. This beats the "friends" barrier and helps you flirt easier.

- Know when to take charge and constantly lead her - this is really masculine.

- Its NOT ok to be sexually needy, buts its ok to be sexual.

- Be confident in yourself and work to make yourself better. A girl loves a guy with drive and ambition as well as self worth. After all, if you don't love yourself, how can she?

Enjoy! Any more to share?

~Sophia Sparx